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At Home with Amazon

Happy weekend, Cozy Community! I am back from a brief hiatus, and ready to bring you the next post! This week I'm reviewing and bringing you the new items I've purchased during quarantine from Amazon (Guilty-I've done a lot of it, and a high-5 to you if you've been doing it, too!) I also updated my Top Cozy Items section with some other purchased items (makeup, beauty, etc.), so be sure to check those out, too!

Alright, let's begin! I've found so so so many perfect items from Amazon! From home office essentials and decor, to accessories, and other home decor. First, I "re-did" my home office space, so naturally I needed some rose gold items to complete it. Faux succulents, a decorative pineapple in my other favorite color-baby blue, and a sassy coffee sign (because I need coffee in the morning) spruced it up nicely!

Then, I realized I needed some home office essentials. A monitor stand for my laptop, a wireless printer, and a wireless mouse did the trick (even Ryan loves having the wireless printer in the house-we can print from anywhere!)

This stand comes with everything seen here (hello happy storage!), and it's super easy to assemble!

Once my office was complete, I wanted some new 'personal' accessories. That led to a new blanket, slippers, ring, and leaf necklace (yes, all in rose gold. I'm obsessed, what can I say?)

You will not be disappointed with this blanket, I PROMISE.

These are my new favorite slippers-which says a lot, because if you know me, you know I live in my LL Bean "Wicked Good Moccasins."

Just a heads up with the ring-I love it, but i looks bigger online than it actually is once it's on.

A new pair of shades! Because who doesn't need new funky and fun shades?

I also snagged a new pair of running/workout leggings. These are so soft and they pass the bend-over test: no lines and they aren't see-through!

This is only a small dent in the items, but like I said at the start-check out my Top Cozy Items section for more! Links are attached to the pictures if you're interested in anything as well. Happy shopping, and as always-stay safe, healthy and Cozy!

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