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Barbados Honeymoon Recap!

I’ve been so wrapped up with work, the unprecedented times overseas, home stuff & baby Mack that I’ve neglected to debrief our honeymoon! Speaking of the crisis in Ukraine, please know that I am aware of what is happening, but using this platform for fun & positivity.

Now that we have that out of they way: Earlier in January, Ryan & I jetted off to Barbados for a week! We stayed at the Sandals resort & let me tell you…it was what this newly married, mom & dad-to be needed! Sunny & 80’s all week; relaxing & a little exploring. Away from the cold NH winter!

It was a rough start at first; we were supposed to leave on a Sunday morning but our Covid test results weren’t in yet; we were denied boarding. We scrambled & lucked out at a hospital with test turn around times within 24 hours. We were then able to rebook a flight out for Tuesday & the resort was also able to move our reservation around to accommodate extending our trip 2 days since we lost the first 2 days. Even upon arrival in Barbados, we were retested after getting off the plane. It was a rapid test, so it was quick. Then we were cleared to go through customs & off to the resort!

Once at the resort, we were taken to the clubhouse where we were introduced to the conceierge staff. They gave us a run down of the lay of the land & all the restaurants across the resort & even helped us make reservations where required. The restaurants cuisine ranged from Indian, French, Mediterranean, & even included a couple of steak houses-so many options! There we also booked an excursion: a ‘Sun & Snorkel Catamaran Day’ & a special dinner for our last night, but we’ll get to those later!

After meeting with conceierge, we were escorted to our room. Oh, our room; how I miss it! It came with its own large soaking tub on the lanai & private swim up access.

We got settled & took a quick swim in our pool before dinner. It had been a long, long day; dinner early was inevitable. Mediterranean at Portofino’s was our choice for that night. After dinner, we took a little walk around the resort & honestly, headed to bed!

The following morning, we were woken up by roosters, yes roosters! Although waking up at 6am wasn’t what we had in mind being on vacation, it’s our normal time anyways. So we decided to start the day. I started with a cold juice in the soaking tub & watched the sunrise; my new kind of rise & shine!

We then headed to breakfast by the beach at Schooners. That gave us a good scope-out for where we wanted to park ourselves for the day. We found a couple of chairs under an umbrella & camped out for the first half of the day.

Breakfast at Schooners

We split a pizza for lunch before relocating to the main pool with a swim up bar for the afternoon! No alcoholic drinks for this mama-to-be, but dad-to-be made sure I never ran out of a virgin pina colada with extra cherries. The staff was super accommodating with my pregnancy as well, especially in the food & beverage department.

Dinner that night was Hibachi at Kimonos! You got to pick an appetizer & dessert; the main course was a sampling of the meats offered: shrimp, steak, & fish. The chef cooked my portions extra knowing I was pregnant; again with the accommodations!

That nights activities weren’t our speed, so back to the room for some sleep it was!

Thursday was similar to Wednesday: up for breakfast, then parked at the beach. This time we spent the whole day at the beach under a canopy (excellent find, Ryan!)

Dinner that night was rooftop French cuisine at Le Parisienne & the day was concluded with a cup of tea in the soaking tub! I cannot remember our entrees, but there was French Onion Soup had as an appetizer. We can never pass up French Onion Soup!

Friday was the catamaran day! Up & out early, so a quick buffet breakfast it was. We were picked up along with others from other resorts & taken to the Bridgetown marina. We left there around 10am & headed out to sea! Stop one was to swim with the sea turtles & some sting rays also surprised us! Stop two was over a shipwreck, & the crew tossed bread into the ocean & suddenly we were surrounded by fish of all colors & sizes: what an experience! This is where having a go-pro would have been a good idea.

After that wave of snorkeling, we got back on the boat & were taken to the other end of the island where we parked in the sun & had lunch & were able to swim some more. The lunch prepared was fried fish, fried chicken, rice & beans, salad, potato salad & rolls. Impressive for a little boat lunch & man, was it good. We then made our way back to shore to head back to our respective resorts. Upon getting back to Sandals, Ryan & I admit to our sunburns & needed some serious “after sun spray”. Luckily, we had a late dinner reservation that night, so were able to relax in our cool room & be out of the sun!

Speaking of dinner, Butch’s Steak & Seafood was our dinner that night. So naturally, Ryan & I both get similar steaks. Neither of us were disappointed in our selections.

Saturday was another split day: beach under a canopy in the morning, poolside in the afternoon. We (I) decided to branch out for dinner that night and have Indian! Let’s just say one of the first meals I made when we got home was chicken curry & I’ve been craving Samosas. So I guess we can say I’m a fan of Indian food now.

Sunday, our last day, was spent at the big Infiniti pool & tiki bar area (I’d like an Infiniti pool & tiki bar for my backyard now, please). You could say that was the “party pool” - a DJ was there each day with music & games; Ryan even partook in some of the games this day & his team won!

Since this was our last night, this is when we booked a special dinner: a private candlelit dinner on the beach. We both got the surf ‘n turf & again, it did not disappoint.

One final lanai bath concluded the night & our honeymoon, as we then packed for our Monday departure.

Monday morning we had the final breakfast (we went back to the buffet) & walk on the beach before being taken to the airport & heading back home. Who knows if we’ll go back to Barbados, but we’ll definitely be taking another Sandals vacation in the future! Food, hospitality, experience: 10/10!

Until next time!

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