Let’s stay home

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

Raise of hands-who likes a good night in?! I’m sure all hands are up, right? Especially this time of year-it’s cold, most likely snowing, and dark at 4pm. So how to do you plan a rockin‘ night in? Follow these steps and you’re night at home is bound to be your best one yet:

~You need snacks. And not necessarily healthy ones either! (Unless that’s your speed than knock yourself out.) Cheese and crackers, pizza rolls, cookies, you get the idea.

~Check the tube. You need something to watch! Pick a series and get started! Not a series person? Thank goodness for Redbox if you’ve run out of Netflix options.

~Not into lounging? Try a new recipe! Turn up some tunes and go to town! SuperCook is the best app to use if you don’t know what to make-it takes the ingredients you already have and you have yourself something to make!

~Game Night! Since you’ve cooked something and already have those snacks, and assuming winter weather hasn’t taken over, why not have some friends over for some friendly competition! Cards Against Humanity is a staple game, am I right?

Hopefully nothing got missed-these are the things that happen the most in my household; hopefully they make their way to yours, too! Enjoy your nights in, cozy’s!

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