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Special Update

Good afternoon, Cozy Community! This post is serving as an update to where the heck I've been! It's also taking a more serious tone today, and here's why:

Cozily Caffeinated is committed to being a fun, creative and safe place for everyone-and I mean everyone. The blog has not been as active recently because I wanted to make sure I spent some time educating myself on the current events of our country, because the last thing I want to do is come across as ignorant in ANY way. I have listened to Podcasts, read articles from fellow bloggers and followers. But mostly, I've listened to YOU.

I have taken a step back so that information surrounding the racism-Blank Lives Matter, Transgender rights, police brutality-can be front and center. This blog will not be home to political/controversial subject matter in any way at any time. However, these times we are facing are not political/controversial: they are real and appalling.

While I will be working on getting weekly posts up again, creating July's content list and creating a giveaway for you all (yes-GIVEAWAY!) I want it to be known that I stand with you; I support you; I hear you on these matters. As I said at the start, Cozily Caffeinated is a SAFE place for everyone, and my intention of keeping it as such stands for the longevity of the blog.

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