Spring Fling Series Part II: Spring Fashion & Home Decor

Blue; Azul; Bleue-The Color of 2020

Each year, Pantone determines a color/couple of colors that will be the head-honcho of the year, and this year it's "Natural Blue"! But why is this relevant you ask? Because this is where trends of the year start-so when you're out and about and see tons of blues-now you know!

When picking your Spring items, start by going for fabrics that are of a lighter material, that you can also layer with. That way, you can layer in cooler times, then transition into Summer with those same pieces. Glamour has also mentioned a few other top trends to keep in mine when shopping this season: (link https://www.glamour.com/gallery/spring-2020-trends-new-york-fashion-week)

*Mellow Gradients

*Peekaboo Fonts


With that said, don't be afraid of color and prints! Spring time is the perfect time to add those pops to your wardrobe, even if that means trying items that are new or different for you! I'll share 2 of my newest pieces:

My branch out piece (even though it's white) was this Aerie romper. A simple item, but an item different for me nonetheless which is why I added it to my wardrobe!

My practical Spring wardrobe addition is a maxi dress: in both a bright color and a light material that I can toss a blazer over for a more dressy look or a jacket for a cooler day/night.

When it comes to decorating your home for Spring, similar tactics apply. However-you have a room to coordinate with. Don't necessarily go for large pieces: go for smaller, more neutral pieces with writing or trim in bright colors (throw pillows, small wall signs, a new throw blanket, even picture frames are a few good examples). My favorite is to add a basket is seasonal fruit or a bouquet of faux (or real if you have a greener thumb than I) to a kitchen counter or the center of a dining room table. Real produce/flowers will add a touch of a fresh scent and, obviously, more color to your space!

Don't forget those patios/outdoor spaces your spruced up, too! Outdoor throw pillows and outdoor lights are probably my favorite things about the warmer weather. The big home stores (Lowes, Home Depot, etc) usually have sales/promos around now to stock up for Spring, so be on the lookout for those and check in on those places frequently! (I say frequently like Ryan & I don't go there weekly...but not everyone is as insane as we are...)

Now that your closets are bare, your homes are clean and your outdoor furniture is ready to go, you all have some shopping to do! Tune in next week for part III of the series; Spring Break! Until then, have a wonderful week, Cozy Community! :)

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