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The Best Bachelorette Weekend!

When I tell you my bachelorette weekend was the best, I mean IT WAS THE BEST! I am so beyond blessed to have the friends & bridesmaids I have because they delivered on the weekend: from decorations and plans, it was everything and more.

The weekend kicked off on Friday 6/25/21. I was picked up in the afternoon by one of my friends who was not on set-up duty. From my house, it was off to Portland, Maine!

We arrived, and the four other friends had transformed the hotel room into a rose gold bridal oasis!

After saying hi to the girls and gawking over the decorations, it was time to get ready for dinner! We all got dressed up and went to this little place right near the hotel called Duckfat And it was amazingggggg! From dinner, we hit the town!

We had an easy going morning Saturday morning. We all just hung out, and obviously had donuts and coffee from The Holy Donut (because, when in Portland you just have to!) Later on, we all got dressed in coordinating t-shirts and temporary tattoos (why not?) and headed to Portland Head Lighthouse Park for an afternoon in the park! Food truck sandwiches were for lunch, and we all sat on blankets and towels and turned it into a picnic of chatting and just being with each other. The spot we picked had great views of the ocean and lighthouse, so naturally we took pictures with the views!

All of our temporary tattoos has similar silly messages. And (luckily) no one got lost!!

My food truck sandwich was a lobster roll and this food truck DELIVERED.

After the park, we headed back to the hotel to find a dinner spot and to get ready for night two! One of my other favorite spots in Portland is Novare Res Bier Cafe - my beer nerd Heaven! My Maid of Honor must have just known, because that’s where we went for dinner! We went appetizer heavy and all had a couple of beers there (it is a beer cafe after all). There, my Maid of Honor asked me what I’m most looking forward to in being married. My response? Just being able to do life with Ryan and continue to love each other and continue being together. To me, that’s the most exciting and important part of entering into a marriage, or any relationship really.

After dinner at the beer cafe, we went to get some dessert at The Chocolate Bar, which is exactly what it sounds like. A dessert bar/desserts in general galore! Forms of chocolate and espresso martinis were ordered all around.

After dessert, we made a pit stop at the hotel to freshen up and for a snack break! Because, snacks are important. Sebago brewery was also attached to our hotel, so in our true fashion, we stopped there for the snack portion of the evening before heading back out into town. Once back in town, we said hello to a passing bachelor party who took a few more group pictures of us (Thanks, guys!)

Pictures with my girls are things I will always cherish and have to look back on. So at the last bar of the night and weekend, thank you random stranger for this last group photo of us!

Sunday came along and we ended the crazy weekend by relaxing at Long Sands Beach in York. I finally got to wear my ‘Mrs. Mack’ floppy hat from Etsy!

By this point, I was sad the weekend was over. My friends, especially my Maid of Honor, put so much time and effort into this weekend, and it showed. Great weather, great times, and great laughs with great people. What else does a bride-to-be really need on her bachelorette weekend?

There is so much to do not only in Portland, but in Maine as a whole. If you or someone you know is planning a bachelorette/bachelor party, I HIGHLY recommend Portland. From the food, to the bars, to shopping and beaches close by, there’s truly something for everyone.

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